AnimationZoom is a leader in the animation industry and help businesses to present them more effectively and promote the business in a creative way. Being the leading animation service provider in the USA, we offer the following services

Video Animation Services

Video animation provides you the way to connect with the audience and potential consumer in an eye-catching, attractive, and most effective way. Some animation styles like motion graphics animation, whiteboard animation, explainer video, and other video animation services are the best way to convey any information and instructions more effectively and clearly. At AnimationZoom, we have a team of animation makers and we utilize their unique styles, skills and expertise to design everything, including motion graphics, animated presentation of statistics, animated logos, completely animated short films and many others. The use of high quality animation videos helps businesses to grab the attention of your potential consumers.

At AnimationZoom, we deliver the best video animation services to interact with your audience and promote your business or services more effectively. Our motion graphics animation videos attract your potential customer towards your business. Our team designs a mesmerizing graphics to showcase your business workflow, services, product information or draw an on-screen character to grab attention of your consumers. Our explainer videos help you to leave a long lasting impression on your clients with spectacular and striking presentation for your organization.

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3D Animation Services

We provide numerous services under our 3D animation services. At AnimationZoom, we have successfully created numerous high quality 3D animations, 2D animations, storyboards, product demonstrations, and much more. Our creative animators with years of experience can create an effective 3D character design, 3D motion graphics and animations for your business. We create a basic structure using simple polygons, after completing the initial step we utilized our high end software to give basic structure a photorealistic features and digital armatures to give them a life. Add the power AnimeMaker’s 3D animation services to your brand. With our animation, we ensure that our animation is created using strategically align with your brand and provide the essential support to succeed.

To give your business a power of animation, you can select from our animation services consisting of 3D character designing, 3D medical animation, 3D motion graphics and others. First we understand your business and its need, then based on that we design different 3D animation like skeletal animation, motion capture animation, morph target animation, cel shaded animation, 3d medical animation, crowd simulation and many others. Our team keeps learning the latest animation technologies that are coming in the market everyday and they always seek for better software.

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2D Animation Services

AnimationZoom offers the best 2D animation services and popular for their creative flash animation to convey your message or promote your business more effectively. 2D animation is a traditional way of animation that helps you to give realistic as well as exciting experience to users. We at AnimationZoom provides you with various styles of 2D animations, including character animation and flash animation by using various software like Adobe Flash Studio and Adobe After Effects. The illustrations, communication material or any character with a delicate thematic tone gives the best results for any organization.

The use of flash animation to illustrate or design a character will help organizations to touch the real emotions of potential customers and grab their attention. Our expert professional help you to convey your message with object animation, character animation and other 2D animation through various mediums like online, advertising and print media. Our professional cartoonists and animators are the experts in creating a character and illustration for publishing and online advertising.

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Logo Design

For any business, branding is very important and the first step is a logo designing. A great logo can help any organization to create online presence more easily and effectively. AnimationZoom is one of the best 2D and 3D logo makers and logo animation creator and believe a great logo is much more than a beautiful imagery or fancy image. We have well-experienced teams for different style of logo designing such as 2D illustration creator, 3D logo maker, 2d logo animator, and branding and advertising specialists. According to your business requirements and understanding about your organization workflow, our team comes up with alluring and engaging logos to make your company different from others in the market.

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Story Board Design

Storyboards are the most influential tools that help you more precisely imagine and outline the exact nature of an animation video, advertisement or production. At AnimationZoom, we have a well-experienced and creative team of content creators who develop and produce your storyboards to produce high quality animation. Animator team is highly talented and experienced in working with almost all styles of animation and illustration technologies to create static or interactive storyboards for your business.

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